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Publishers Directory

This is a listing of contact information for publishers, both domestic and foreign, and copyright administrating offices. The information provided here is submitted by the membership of the Music Publishers' Association, the National Music Publishers Association and the Church Music Publishers Association.

To find a publisher's entry, click on the appropriate letter of the index below

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A.V.I. Music Publishing Group
ABKCO Music, Inc.
A R Editions, Inc.
ATV Music Group
AVI Music Publishing Group, Inc.
A/S Productions, Inc.
J. Aaron Brown & Associates
AB Nordiska
Jerry Abbot Music
Aberbach Enterprises, Ltd.
Abilene Music Inc.
Act III Music Group
Acuff-Rose Music Publishing, Inc.
Addax Music Company
Addison Music Company
Afterschool Publishing Co.
Ahab Music
Ahia Music
Fred Ahlert Music Corporation
Air Control Music Inc.
Air Deluxe Music Group
Al-Bait Haram Publishing Company
Alcove Music Publications
Aldor Music, Inc.
Alexandria House
Alexscar Music
Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
All My Children Music
All Nations Music Publishing, Ltd.
Allaire Music Publications
William Allen Music, Inc.
Alliance Publications, Inc.
Alliv Records
Almo/Irving Music
Alry Publications
The Madacy Music Group
Altam Music Corporation
Amazing Music World
American Composers Alliance
American Guild of English Handbell Ringers (AGEHR)
American Hero Music
American Summer Music Inc.
AMG/Antara Music Group
AMSI (Art Masters Studios Inc.)
Andiron Music Publishing Company
Angela Music
Anglo-American Music Publishers
Annie-Gee Music
Another Strong Song
Antisia Music, Inc.
Appleyard Music Publishing Co.
A-R Editions, Inc.
Are-Gee-Bee Music, Inc.
Arion Publications, Inc.
Aroun' Town Productions, Inc.
Arsis Press
Artists in Ministry
Arturo Music Company
Atlan-Dec Music Publishers
Audigram, Inc.
Augsburg Fortress Publishers
Aunt Polly's Pub/Pulleybone Music
Gene Autry Music Group
Avas Music Publishing Company
Avatar Publishing Group
Azevedo Music
Aztigram Music Ltd.

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B3 Music
BMC Music Company
BMX Entertainment Inc.
Baby Munsta
The Burt Bachrach Music Group
Backlash Enterprises
Bad Brains Publishing
Ba-Dake Music, LLC
Baddmoma's Music
Baerenreiter Music Corporation
Bagadune Tunes
Bahoomba Music
Ballerbach Music
Balmur Corus Music
Bama Blues Publishing
Baptist Sunday School Board
Barbacoa Music
Barkloid Publishing
C.L. Barnhouse Company
M. Baron Company, Inc.
Barton Music Corporation
Barton Rhodes Press
Basilikos Music
Abdul Basit Music
Baswell Publishing
Batroc Music
William H. Bauer, Inc.
John Bava's Music
Bearly Makin' It Music Publishing Company
Beasly & Barker Music
Beckenhorst Press, Inc.
Beckie Publishing Co., Inc.
Bedroom Tapes Music
Beechwood Music Corporation
Beethoven Music
Behm House of Music
Bekool Music
Bel-J Productions
Bell & Hyman Productions
Bell Tower Publishing
Belmont Music Publishers
Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp.
Bemo Music
The Benson Company, Inc.
Benyard Music Company
Bill Berends Music Publishing
Irving Berlin Music Company
Bernier Publishing
Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing Company
Lawrence E. Berry Music
Berrypatch Music
The Bicycle Music Company
Johhny Bienstock Music
Big Bobcat Music
Big Round Music
Big Sky Music
Terry Billy Music
Birmingham Brown Songs
Bixio Music Group Ltd.
Black Cinderella Productions
Black Keys Music
Black Squirrel Music, Inc.
Blackbird Star Music
Blackmore & Son
Blackout Music
Blendingwell Music, Inc.
Helene Blue Musique Ltd.
Blue Seas Music, Inc.
Beulah Blue Song
Blue Top Publishing
Bluewater Music Corporation
BMG Music Publishing, Licensing
BMG Music Publishing, gospel division
Bob-A-Lew Music
Jerry Bock Enterprises
Fred Bock Music Company, Inc.
Boelke-Bomart/Mobart Music Publishers
Bond Mob Publishing
Bonded Music
Bongo Boy Music
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Bosken Music
Boston Music Company
Alain Boublil Music Ltd.
Bouie Publishing Company
Bourne Company Music Publishing
Brass Press
Brass Star Music Company
BrassHeart Music
Brazilliance Music Publishing
Bread 'n Honey
Breitkopf & Haertel
Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing, Inc.
Brett Songs
Brichtmark Music, Inc.
Bridgeport Music
Bridgeport Music, Inc.
Bright Ray Music
Bright Tunes Music Corp.
Bring It Back Home Music
Broad Horizons Publishing Company
Brockman Music
Brodt Music Company
Bronx Flash Music
Broude Brothers Limited
Brown Wright Productions
Albert E. Brumley & Sons, Inc.
Nathan Brydn Music Company
Buccina Ltd.
Buckhorn Music Publishing, Inc.
Bug Music Inc.
Burning Bush Music
Bustin' Out Publishing
Busyfingers Publishing
Butterfly Fuschia Music Co. (BFMC)
Buttermilk Sky Music Publishing Corp.

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C'est Music
C. Alan Publications, LLC
CITW Productions
CPP/Belwin Music
Cafaro Sound
Cafe Con Gafles Publishing
Cahn Music Company
Cajual Music, Inc.
Cam Music Producers & Publishers
Cambiata Press
Camerica, Inc.
Glen Campbell Music Group
Canopy Music, Inc.
Cantus Quercus Press
Capano Music
Carlin America, Inc.
Catalogue Music
Cat's Bag
Cedar Creek Music
Celebrations Unlimited Music Publishers
Central Juvenile Music
Chantry Music Press, Inc.
Chapel Hill Management Group
Charing Cross Music
Chase/Rucker Publishing
Cherio Corporation
Cherith Publishing Company
Cherry Lane Music Company
Chesky Productions Inc.
Chesley Music Corp.
Chevis Publishing Corp.
Choctaw Music Publishing Co.
Choristers Guild
Chris Lane Music
Chris-N-Jen Music
Chrisquita Step Music Publishing
Chrysalis Music Group
Church Publishing Inc.
Circular File Music
Clarus Music, Ltd.
Classical Vocal Reprints
Clean Cut Tunes
Chas. Colin Publications
Tom Collins Music Corp.
Colter's Corral Music
Columbia Lady/Torch Lady Music
Common Mode, Inc.
Concordia Publishing House
Consort Press
Conspiracy Three
Constructive Diabolical Music Inc.
Cookhouse Music
Cool Beans Music, Inc.
The Copyright Company
Copyright Management, Inc.
Cotillion Music, Inc./Walden Music
Country Classics Music Pub. Co.
Cousins Music
Covina High Music (BMI)
Covitt Music
Creative Entertainment Music.
Crewsons Corners Music
Criterion Music Corp.
Crossfield Music
Crowdaddy Music
Curnow Music Press, Inc.

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DC Press
DRC Music
Daiichi Music USA, Inc.
Daksel Music Corp.
Dana Publishing Co.
Dantalian, Inc.
Darcey Press
Benny Davis Music
Dee Track Music (formerly Dee Music)
Deep Listening Publications
Def Mix Music
DeFeis Music
Definition Music
Dejamus, Inc./Nashlon Music Inc.
Del Camino Music Publisher
Delightful Music Ltd.
Denton & Haskins Corp.
Derby Music Service
Discos Del Sur Music Publishing Co.
Disney Music Publishing
Diversified Sound Innovators
Dolo Records, Inc.
Doors Music Company
Dorn Publications, Inc.
Doxology Music
Dragon Music Company
Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc.
Jimmy Durante Music Publishing Co.
Dust Brothers Music
Dutch Music Partners

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E.G. Music Group
EMI Music Publishing
Earl Music Co./Peg Music Co.
Earthsongs Choral Music
East Jackson Music Publishing
Eastaboga Music
Eaton Music, Inc.
ECS Publishing
Edition Musicus, Inc.
Editorial Trimusic
Educational Programs Publications
Eiseman Music Co., Inc.
Eldridge Publishing Co. Inc.
Electrogroove Music
Henri Elkan Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Elkin Music International, Inc.
Emerson Music
EMI Christian Music Publishing
Emperor Inc.
Endless Moment Music Publishing Company
Ennasor Music Publishing
European American Music Dist. LLC
Evergreen Entertainment Group, Inc.
Exist To Resist
Expanded Musical Concepts

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FEMA Music Publications
Faizilu Publishing
Fall River Music, Inc.
Fallen Leaf Press
Famous Music Publishing
Fancy Pants Music
Fear of Change Music
Fideree Music Co.
Carl Fischer, LLC
Five Jays Music
Five Sisters Music, Inc.
FJH Music Company, Inc.
Flat Town Music Company, a div. of Swallow Pbns, I
Flattime Records Publ
Folklore Music
Fonzworth Music, Inc.
Foreign Music Distributors
Formulaic Music
Forrest Hills Music, Inc.
Forster Music Publishers, Inc.
Mark Foster Music Company
Four Knights Music
Four Moons Music Publishing Group
The Fox Film Music Group
Franklin Management Group
J. Fraser Collection, LLC
Fredonia Press-Discs
Free Soul Music
The Fricon Entertainment Co. Inc.
Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.
Full Force Productions
Funki-Gruv Music
Fur Dixon Publishing

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G.I.A. Publications, Inc.
GPS Music Group
Ga2wana Music
Gaither Copyright Management
Galahad Music Inc.
Gallico Kid Music
Gamble-Huff Music
Garden Rake Music
Garrett Music Enterprises, Inc.
Gates Music, Inc.
General R. Lee Music
Genevox Music Group
Gary Georgett Music
Gibb Brothers Music
Gill Tunes
Girlfriend Music
Glad Music Company
Global Music, Inc.
J. Gluck & K. Zanchi
Go Figure Productions
Gold Hill Music, Inc.
Jay Gold Music Publishing
Golden Bell Songs
Zomba Golden Sands Enterprises
Golden Unlimited Music Inc.
Golden West Melodies, Inc.
Walkerboot Music Group
The Goodman Group Music Publishers
Gopam Enterprises, Inc.
Gordon Music Company, Inc.
Gospel Music RoundUp Publishing
Gospel Publishing House
Gospel Tracks Publishing
Asa Grace Music
Graceful Samba Music
Gram Cora's Music
Grand Pop Publications
Grandview Island Publishing
Great Foreign Songs Inc.
Great Lakes Music Enterprises, Inc.
Great Palomino Music
Great Works Publishing, Inc.
Green Forever Music
Green Shadow Music
Greer Productions
Gregmark Music, Inc.
Gregs Groove Music
Grenadier Music
Grinere Publishing
Groovesville Productions, Inc.
Guitar Solo Publications (GSP)
Guy Webster/Webster Music
Gypsy Heart Music

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H Music
H/B Webman & Co.
HG & Power Publishing
HKB Publishing
Hal Leonard Corporation
Half A Loaf Music
Hallmark Music Co. Inc.
HaMaR Percussion Publications
Hamblen Music Company
Hampshire House Pub Corp
Hampstead Heath Music Publishers
Handy Brothers Music Co. Inc.
Hansen House
Harlem Music/Halwill Music
Ron Harris Music
The Frederick Harris Music Company
Harrison Music Corporation
Harris-Richardson Music Group
Hazamir Publications
Helena Music Corp.
G. Henle USA, Inc.
The Jim Henson Company
Hiatus Music
Highland/Etling Publishing
Hildegard Publishing Company
Hillcrest Music Corp.
Hinshaw Music, Inc.
Hit & Run Music/Hidden Pun Music
Hit List Music
Hits Only Music
Hochberg Music, Inc.
Hollis Music, Inc.
Hope Publishing Company
Hori-Pro Entertainment Group
El Horizonte Publishing/Nuevo Horizonte Publsihing
Horton Street Music
House of Bryant Publications
House of Knox
Houston Publishing, Inc.
Hovey Music Company
Hub Music Company, Inc.
Hudmar Publishing Co., Inc.
The Hull House Music Group
Humongous Music Publishing, Inc.

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IDG Publishing
IJJ's Praise Music Co.
Ice Cold Pro
Icka-Delick Music & Records Corporation
In Sync Productions
In The Green Publications
Indeep Music
Indigo Mood Music
Ink Pen Exorcism Music
Inner Sanctum
Integrated Copyright Group
Integrity Music, Inc.
International Church Publications, Inc.
Intrada Music Group
Intuit Music Group
Ipanema Music Corp.
Irish Boat Music
Jeremy Irish Music
Island Music/Ackee Music, Inc.
Islip Music Publishing Co.
It's A Hit
Ivory Palaces Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Iza Music Corp.

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J & H Music Publishing
JAC Music Company, Inc.
JC Cantin Publishing Company
JRON Songs
Jabee Music Publishing Company
Jac Music Co. Inc.
Jack Music, Inc.
Jaelius Enterprises
Jamie Music Publishing Company
Janew Music Publishing
Jan-Lee Music
Japet Music Publishers
Jarob Publishing
Jay Music
Jay-Kay Music Corp.
Jazz Eyes Publishing
Jazz-Just Music
Jedasa Publishing Co.
Jennifer Elaine Production
Waylon Jennings Music
Jenson Publications
Jer Dun Music
Jerjoy Music Publishing Company
Jerona Music Corp.
Jinji Music
Jobete Music Co., Inc.
John E. Slamm/Pena Music Publishing
Johnny R. Music Company
Justin Peters

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Gus Kahn Company
Edwin F. Kalmus & Company Inc.
Kampari Music
Kaptain K Music
Karen Publishing Company
Karlamor Music
Katcha Music Publishers
Katrina Music Publishing Co.
Kawinkadink Music
Keeling & Company, Inc.
Kelton Publications
Kendor Music, Inc.
Ketter Enterprises Inc.
Kharana Music
Khari International, Inc.
Kidada Music, Inc.
Buddy Killen Music Group
Robert King Music Sales, Inc.
Kings Road Music
Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Kramer Whitney, Inc.
John Kucera Music

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Labeth Music
Lady Marion Publishing
Lake State Publications
Lami-Lam Music Inc.
Hannah Lane Music
J. Weldon Lane Music Co.
Language of Soul Publishing
Lantern Music Publishing
Largo Music, Inc.
Neil Larsen Publishing
Lasso Music
Last Warning Music
Latham Music Ltd.
Lawson Gould Music Pub. Inc.
LCS Music Group
The Learning Party
LeCatte's Publishing Company
Norman Lee Publishing, Inc.
Leiber & Stoller
Jerry Lee Lewis Music
Liben Music Publishers
Life Music, Inc.
Likasa Music Publishing
Lillenas Publishing Company
Limax Music, Inc.
Limu Publishing Company
Lindabet Music Corp.
Lindseed Music
Lipservices, a div. of T.S.E.C Inc.
Lisa Mogul
Little Black Book
Little M. Music
Little Tootsie Music
Jay Livingston Music, Inc.
Frank Loesser Literary & Musical Trust
Lombardo Music Publications (LMP)
Lone Wolf Publishing Company
Longhead Music Company
Lonmel Publishing, Inc.
The Lorenz Corporation
Lorenz Creative Services
Lorimar Music Group
Lorjake Music
Lou Levy Music
Love Jones Music
The Loving Company
Lovo Music
Lowery Group
Lowery Music Company, Inc.
Luck's Music Library Inc.
Ludwig Music Publishing Company, Inc.
Lycus Music Inc.
Lyon & Healy Harps, Inc.
The Lyons Partnership. L.P.
Lyricland Music Group

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M & I Music Publishing
M'Bubba Music
M.C. Chimp Music
MCA Music Publishing
MMB Music, Inc.
MPL Communications, Inc.
Mad Mike Music
Madlands Publishing
Lee Magid, Inc.
Magnamusic Distributors
Magnolia Manor Music Publishers, Ltd.
Mainstay Music Inc.
Major Bob Music Company, Inc.
Makin Gators
Makin' It Up Music Inc.
Malinda Davora Music
Mandina Music/Rocksmith Music
Manduca Music Publications
Manhattan Beach Music
Manna Music, Inc.
Maranatha! Music
Maraschino Music Company
MarchOn Music, Inc.
Marelli Productions Inc.
Margun/Gunmar Music, Inc.
Markee Dee Music
Edward B. Marks Music Company
Marlong Music Corp.
Marshall Songs
Masters Music Publications, Inc.
Mauve Music/Purple (USA) Music, Inc.
Mayflower Music Corp.
Maypop Music Group
McGinnis & Marx Music Publishers
Ken Medema/Brier Patch Music
Media Press, Inc.
Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Mercer Publications Inc.
Merit Music Corp.
Mexican Music Centre, Inc.
Mighty Three Music d/b/a/ Gamble-Huff
Millhouse Music
Irving Mills Music
Moonlight & Magnolias, Inc.
Morning Music (U.S.A.) Inc.
Morris Music Inc.
Morrison Hill Music Inc.
Morton Music Pty Ltd
Mozambique Music
Music Sales Corporation
Musicians Publications
James E. Myers Enterprises
Myklas Music Press
Mystery Music, Inc.

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NDC Editions, Inc.
Nike Neun Publishing
Neverbreak Music Publishing
New World Enterprises of Montrose, Inc.
NickOVal Music Company, Inc.
Nilkamm Music
Northeastern Music Publications
Northridge Music Company
Notable Music Company, Inc.
Noted for the Record
Now Sounds Music
Nytvid Music Co.

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OCP Publications
OMI Old Manuscripts & Incunabula
Oceanna Music Publications
Octave Music Publishing Corp.
One Hundred Eighth Street Publishing
One Omik Music
Orbiting Clef Productions, Inc.
Editions Orphee, Inc.
Orpheus Publications
Otay Music, Corp.
Overland Music Distributors
Oxford University Press

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P.A. System, Inc.
PRA, Inc.
The PRI Music Publishing Companies
Pacific Press Publishing
Paganiniana Publications
Pal Dog/335 Music
Peaceful Music Company
Peermusic Classical
J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
Per Productions
PerMus Percussion Publications, Inc.
C.F. Peters Corp.
Phase International
Philharmusica Company
Pinwheel Music, Inc.
Plymouth Music Company, Inc.
Pocono Mountain Music Publishing, Inc.
Polygram International
Pomer Rants Music
Pomus Songs, Inc.
Posthorn Press
Prairie Sky Music
Theodore Presser Company
Prophecy Publishing, Inc.
Provincetown Bookshop Editions
The Publisher's Group
Puna Music Company

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Queenwood Publications0

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RBC Music Company Inc.
Radmus Publishing, Inc.
Ragged Island Music
Rawstock Music
Regent Music Corporation
Reunion Music
Review & Herald Publishing Assoc.
Frankie Rich Music
Roaring Fork/Turtle Creek Music
Don Robertson Music Corp.
Don Robertson Music Corporation
Rock Garden Music, Inc.
Rockmasters Int'l. Network, Inc.
Roeboat Music Company
David Romeo Music
Ron Mr. Wonderful's Music
Roncorp, Inc.
Rondor Music International, Inc.
Julie Rose Music
David Rose Publishing Co.
David Rose Publishing Company
Royal Music Publisher
Royal Tapestry, Inc.
Rumanian Pickleworks Music

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S & R Music Publishing Company
SBK Entertainment World
Sailor Music/Silk Stocking Music
Eddison Sainsbury
St. Nicholas Music, Inc.
Salvation Army Supplies
Marilyn Sanders Music
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
J. S. Sato Music Editions
Schaffner Publishing Co.
Scheffel Music Corp.
G. Schirmer, Inc.
A. Schroeder International LLC.
Scott Music Publications
Screen Gems/EMI Music, Inc.
Seafarer Press
Second Floor Music
Seesaw Music Corp.
The Sengstack Group, Ltd.
September Music Corp.
Serendipity Press
Sete Music Company
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.
B. Sharp Music Co.
Shawnee Press Inc.
Larry Shayne Enterprises
K. Shiffer Music Company
Shoot No Blanks Music Inc.
Sierra Music Publications
Shelby Singleton Music, Inc.
Skinny Zach Music
David E. Smith Publications
Snow Music
Song International
Songs of the Knight
Sony / ATV Music Publishing
Sony Pictures Music Group
Southern Music Company
Space Potato Music, Ltd.
The Sparrow Corp.
Spectra Copyright Distribution
Spectrum Press
Larry Spier, Inc.
Spina Music
SpiritSound Music Group
Spitfire Music, Inc.
Spring Rose Music Publisher
Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Stainless Music/Emile Music
Stallion Music, Inc.
Thomas C. Stangland Company
Cliff Starkey Music
StarNET Music
Starshine Music
Kent Steel Music Factory
Stigwood Group, Ltd.
Strictly Rockers Music
Studio Music Publishing Co. Inc.
Subito Music Corporation
Su-Ma Publishing Company
Summy Birchard Inc.
Sunburst Music Company
Sunhawk Digital Music LLC
Supreme Enterprises International Corp.
Sweet Andie Music
Sweet Pipes Inc.

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TAS Enterprises
TBQ Press
TEK Publishing
TRO Inc. (The Richmond Organization)
Tara Publications
Tempo Music Publications, Inc.
Terrace Entertainment Corp.
Teshuvah Music Inc.
Third Story Music, Inc.
Thoma CompuGraphics
Gordon V. Thompson Music
Hank Thompson Music Co.
Three D Productions, Inc.
Mel Tillis Enterprises
Brian Trace Music
Transcontinental Music Publications
Treble C Music
Trillenium Music Company
Triplo Press
Trunksong Music, Ltd.
Trust Music Management
Tundradogs Music Publishing
The Tune Room, Inc.
Tuneworks Music
Scott Tutt Music
Ken Tyre Publishing Company, Inc.

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Universal Edition, Inc.
Up With People

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Tommy Valando Publishing Group
Vanguard Music
Vashti Music, Inc.
Vector Music, Inc.
Velke Publishing Company
Viola World Publications
Vivace Press
Jerry Vogel Music Company, Inc.

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W & K Publishing Corp.
de Walden Music International, Inc.
Wandee Music
Warner Bros. Publications, Inc.
Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
WarnerChappell Music
Frank E. Warren Music Service
Web IV Music Publishing
Guy Webster/Webster Music
Wemar Music Corp.
Western International Music
WesTunes Music Publishing Co.
Wide World Music, Inc.
Wild Cherry Music
Wild Rose Publishing Co.
Don Williams Music Group, Inc.
Dootsie Williams Publications
Williamson Music Co.
Willis Music Company
Wind Music/TAP Publications
Window Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Windswept Holdings LLC
Windy Gale Records
Wingert-Jones Music, Inc.
Woodbury Music Company
Woodsong Publishing
Word Music Group, Inc.
Word, Inc.
Wrensong Publishing Corp.
Wynn Music Inc.
Wynwood Music Co. Inc.

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There are currently no listings for publishers whose names begin with the letter "X"
Deanna Yamman Publishing Company, Inc.
Ybarra Music
Yellow Rose Enterprises
Yelton Rhodes Music
Yelton Rhodes Music Publishers
Yeston Music Ltd.

ZionSong Music
Zondervan Music Group

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3-G's Publishing Company
5750 Music

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